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    Creative Mathematics is committed to providing impactful teacher seminars that are guaranteed to help you both implement the NCTM Standards of Curriculum Reform in Mathematics and helps in your classroom today! Our nationally known presenters are dedicated to providing the finest quality seminar using standards based content. Presenters are selected based on their expertise, excellence in classroom teaching, motivational skill, and ability to help you!

    Our presenters work with many school districts offering individually tailored in servicing. This in-service work is separate from Creative Mathematics and can be set up with each presenter independently. You may contact them by phone or e-mail to discuss workshop content, available dates, and cost.

    Kim Sutton

    Kim Sutton is a fabulous presenter, who has taught thousands of teachers the joy and excitement of “hands-on” math. Kim’s teaching experience includes over 25 years of classroom teaching, time as a regional math specialist and as a university instructor. Kim has worked with over 150 districts nationally and internationally as a staff development consultant. A former Associate Director of Project AIMS, Kim has a master’s degree in Mathematics Education and has been the keynote speaker for state and regional math conferences. Kim has produced many wonderful math games and tools and has written many articles about pattern blocks and classroom management. Kim is the author of 14 titles including Math Engineers, Math Drills to Thrill, Math Focus Activities, Visual Tools, Number Line Workbook, Making Math Books With Children, Powerful Numbers 0-100, Place Value With Pizzazz, Do The Math, Dynamic Dice, All Aboard The Algebra Express, Fractions: A Part of the Whole, The Power of Digital Root, and her most recent pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten book Let’s Get Started!

    Experience what others have learned—Kim Sutton is a dynamic, extraordinary educator whose enthusiasm and love for teaching are contagious! She gives you practical, easy to implement information and ideas that you will use for years. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be thrilled, challenged and energized!

    Kim’s Classes

    Phone: (707) 826-2965

    Barbara Ann Novelli
    Barbara Novelli is a gifted educator, who has taught for over twenty years, working with young learners. Barbara’s expertise in the area of mathematics and science has helped her in her many distinguished positions: AIMS Foundation Associate Director, Teaching Consultant for CSIN (California Science Implementation Network), Mentor Teacher, Director of Staff & Curriculum and Finalist for the Presidential Award in Mathematics.

    Barbara has written many articles about teaching mathematics and science to young learners, and her new book Overs and Overs is now available!

    Barbara has a real love for teaching teachers which she does with an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm. She has taught and worked with hundreds of educators around the country, helping them solve problems, improve daily management, and understand and plan developmentally appropriate integrated curriculum.

    Barbara’s Classes

    Phone: (541) 383-0148

    Greg Tang

    Best Selling Author & Popular Math Educator – Greg Tang’s mission is to make math enjoyable for children and teachers. He is a highly sought-after math educator, and an award-winning author of children’s books. Greg has worked widely with schools on fresh approaches to math and professional development. After watching too many children struggle to learn basic math concepts and skills, Greg was inspired to develop a practical, highly visual approach to the teaching and learning of math.

    His intuitive, common-sense approach to math is guaranteed to help strengthen your students’ understanding of math concepts and problem-solving skills. You’ll leave his seminars inspired and excited with tons of challenging and fun ideas for increasing your students’ math understanding and ability – as well as your own!

    Awards Incude:
    New York Times Best Seller
    IRA Teachers Choice
    Oppenheim Gold Award
    Parent’s Guide Award

    Greg’s Classes

    Jane Felling

    Jane Felling is the co-author of the award winning Box Cars & One- Eyed Jacks Math Game series. Jane is passionate about using games as a teaching strategy and brings over 25 years experience in elementary and special education to her workshops. Jane has worked with hundreds of school districts across North America and Australia and was teaching games before they regularly appeared on conference programs, curriculum documents and support resources. She is co-creator of well over a thousand games that integrate cards, dice, multisided dice and dominoes. Her best-selling books and games have sold close to 350,000 copies and are loved by teachers, parents and importantly STUDENTS. Experience Jane’s energy, enthusiasm and love of teaching during this full day, hands-on game workshop.

    John Felling workshops are engaging, fun and hands-on. In his workshops, teachers learn a variety of games and activities, closely tied to state and national curriculum standards that integrate easily with the learning resources teachers are already using. Teachers come away with knowledge and sills that enable them to easily implement a games teaching strategy. Their students benefit by engaging in interesting, challenging, easily differentiated, brain friendly activities which help them improve their academic achievement. In addition to learning new games and activities, teachers also learn “tops” on classroom management and organization that increase student on-task time, decrease student disruptions and reduce teachers’ preparation time. John is passionate about helping students improve their academic achievement. By assisting teachers with learning hands-on methods that interest and engage students, the teachers become better, more competent educators who then help their students improve their learning and ultimately their academic achievement. John brings a wealth of knowledge, insights, tips and humor to his presentations, gained through his 30 years of experience as an educator and educational leader. John has taught grades 2 through 8 in addition to his school responsibilities as principal and district responsibilities as mentor/trainer of new and aspiring principals. Throughout his career and evolving educational roles, John has never left the classroom, choosing to teach at least 25% of each year. As a result, he understands fully the current issues and concerns of teachers. More recently, John has become the co-owner of Box Cars And One-Eyed Jacks, mainly focusing on providing teacher workshops and training new Box Car consultants. He has also authored the book Daily Physical Education – “No Sweat” For Classroom Teachers and is currently working on authoring Active Learning, a series of books designed to help teachers add a physical activity component to their Math and Language Arts classes.Math Games Using Cards + Dice + Dominoes

    Great Books By Box Cars & One-Eyed Jacks:

    • Shuffling Into Math
    • All Hands On Deck
    • Dice Works
    • Math Attack
    • Piece It Together With Fractions
    • Deca Dice
    • Radical Math
    • Double Dare You
    • Power Play
    • Stratedice

    Jane’s & John’s Classes:


    Marcy Cook

    Marcy Cook master educator, author and math specialist, has presented workshops and seminars for teachers throughout the USA and in over two dozen foreign countries. Having taught two years in the International School in Thessaloniki Greece, she has provided math inservices in South America, Central America, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Africa and Europe. With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Masters Degree from Stanford University she has taught all elementary grades, junior high, high schools and university levels. Marcy currently works as an independent math consultant training thousands of enthusiastic teachers with her active, hands-on workshops. Her experience with classroom teaching, GATE (gifted and talented education), and student teaching supervision have inspired her to create meaningful math materials (over 95 books and 170 tile task card packets) and to share her ideas with others. Marcy is a very creative and innovative presenter who brings energy and motivation to her sessions. Her active hands-on workshops leave teachers with practical ideas and strategies to take back to the classroom immediately.

    Marcy’s Classes


    Ron-Nancy Brown



    Ron Brown

    With more than 50 years of primary and intermediate teaching experience between them, Ron and Nancy Brown understand what works in the classroom. They continue to draw rave reviews as featured speakers at educational conferences at the state, national and international levels for their creative & practical teaching strategies. For more than 15 years, Ron and Nancy have helped thousands of teachers learn how songs, rhyme and rhythm can be used to effectively teach K-5 mathematics skills and standards. Using original music and loads of creativity, Ron and Nancy have developed dozens of exciting classroom-tested activities that teachers and students love. Join them for an inspiring day that will truly make a difference in your teaching.


    Ron & Nancy Brown’s Classes

    Phone: (877) 977-0571

    Ron Brown’s Music has been recognized & published by:

    • McGraw Hill Math
    • Skillastics
    • Perfection Learning
    • Kim Sutton, Creative Mathematics
    • Shiller Math
    • Danos Books (Israel)
    • Award Reading (Australia)
    • Teaching & Learning Magazine (United Kingdom)


    Cheryl Henjum

    Cheryl Henjum has over 16 years of experience in the world of education as a teacher, Title I and Special Education Director, as well as a P-12 Administrator. Working with teachers and students of all socioeconomic levels; Cheryl’s experiences have allowed her to understand the different levels of learners and teachers within various school systems. Cheryl’s passion for mathematics evolved while in the classroom, but more so when leading and working teachers who were frustrated by students not being fluent in math. Cheryl began working with Kim Sutton over 5 years ago, believing and knowing that implementing hands-on activities, music and movement into the classroom not only proved to increase fluency, but it also increased teacher enthusiasm when teaching math! Cheryl has shared her journey and successes with many teachers, coaches, directors and administrators at local, state and national conferences. She currently works with various districts to help implement and drive math instruction using an effective RTI approach when teaching mathematics. You will find Cheryl’s presentation style energizing, practical and FUN! Moreover, Cheryl wants educators to walk away feeling confident and comfortable with new activities and practical assessments that can be used in the classroom immediately! If you are a teacher who is tired of feeling frustrated, or maybe you just need a new approach to teaching your next math lesson….I guarantee that you will walk away feeling excited about teaching math to ALL of your students!

    Cheryl’s Classes



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