Creative Mathematics workshops and materials align with all State, Common Core and Provincial Standards.

Kim;s associates

After 20 + years of Kim Sutton traveling around the country working with thousands of teachers, we realized Kim is not getting to all of the states we would like, to effectively share her amazing material and ability to teach math content in a fun and exciting way.

To achieve this goal, we have trained a select number of teachers to be available in those states we don’t reach as often as we’d like.  These teachers use and feel passionately about Kim’s material and teaching style and can help provide the exposure and support needed for the teachers Kim cannot reach herself.

These consultants speak at local conferences, work with local schools and districts and offer after-school and weekend classes. Stay up to date with our online calendar.

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We are pleased to have the following educators join our team:

Kathy CollinsKathy Collins is a dedicated Kim Sutton advocate of almost 10 years. Kathy has 23 years experience as an elementary classroom math teacher of students possessing a wide range of academic abilities. For the past 8 years she has served as a District Math Coach and Math Specialist for many Title 1 campuses in one of the largest school districts in Texas. In addition to implementing Kim Sutton materials and activities in the classroom, Kathy has presented numerous Math workshops at District and State conferences. Kathy has a passion for conducting energetic workshops and presentations for teachers. Her dedication and enthusiasm for Math Instruction is contagious. Kathy’s professional mission is to help teachers and students experience the joy and success that energized Math activities can bring to the classroom.

Kathy’s Classes

Kimberly Juranek has over 30 years of experience working with elementary and college students in the education field. She has received outstanding educator awards for her ability to make mathematics come alive for students in a hands-on approach that makes learning exciting and encouraging for students of all types through the use of literature, music, interactive instruction and games. She has successfully implemented Kim Sutton materials and knows how effective they are in improving classroom instruction and test scores. Come and learn how to make mathematics fun and exciting for ALL learners with a hands-on, energetic approach from this master teacher!

Kimberly’s Classes

Julie-KubiakJulie Kubiak, a veteran teacher of twenty-five years, is an experienced mathematics trainer who has presented numerous math workshops at the district, state, and national levels. She has 16 years of classroom experience at the elementary level, 10 years of experience teaching at the university level, and has worked for the past eleven years as a district math curriculum specialist for kindergarten through sixth grades. Julie’s passion lies in helping teachers learn to love and feel more comfortable with math so they can share that love with their students. She believes that all students can learn mathematics through a fun and engaging classroom environment. Upon meeting Kim in 2002, she became an staunch advocate of Kim Sutton’s philosophy about mathematics instruction. Through the use of Kim’s ideas and mathematical routines she demonstrates how to engage students in meaningful tasks that develop conceptual understanding that leads to in-depth understanding of concepts and reasoning skills. Feeling bored, stagnant, or stifled with your math instruction? Julie will help you rediscover a passion for numeracy that will propel your students on a life-long journey of learning in mathematics.

Julie’s Classes

Patti Launi

Patti Launi is an amazing teacher of over 24 years in grades first through fifth. Patti is the winner of numerous county and state awards and recognized by many organizations as “Teacher of the Year” during her career. The first “Kim Sutton Associate” trained by Kim Sutton herself to work with teachers using her dynamic strategies, Patti used Kim’s materials in her own classroom to dramatically improve her students’ mathematical understanding and test scores. Patti brings special skills to Creative Mathematics as a bilingual teacher who has worked extensively with Title I schools. She also has experience with English Language Learners and autistic children. Come and learn valuable classroom management tools in a stress-free environment from an exciting master teacher!

Patti’s Classes

Ruth Harbin Miles

Ruth Harbin Miles coaches rural, suburban, and inner-city school mathematics teachers. Her professional experiences include coordinating the K-12 Mathematics Teaching and Learning Program for the Olathe, Kansas public schools for more than 25 years; teaching mathematics methods courses at Virginia’s Mary Baldwin College; and serving on the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Ruth uses and actively promotes Kim Sutton’s Creative Mathematics ideas and resources to develop teachers’ content knowledge and strategies for engaging students to achieve high standards of mathematics. Come experience an exciting and fun presentation that can help transform math instruction forever!

Ruth’s Classes

Nancy Paulson

Nancy Paulson teaches middle grades (4-8) and has over 25 years of experience. The first 5 years of her California teaching experience was in the impoverished, highly migrant, community of Imperial Valley. She moved to San Diego County where she continued to work with a high percentage of English Language Learners as well as gifted students, teaching grades 4-8. Because she loved teaching math she acquired her single subject foundational credential for teaching mathematics and taught Pre-Algebra and Algebra to 7th and 8th grade students, EL as well as Honors Students. In May of 2012 Nancy completed her Masters of Arts with an emphasis in K-8 Mathematics Education at San Diego State University. In addition Nancy held the position of Conference Program Chair for the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council from 2006 to 2013. She has presented extensively at National and Regional NCTM and state Mathematics conferences as well as the Texas and California Gifted conferences, focusing on using games as a teaching strategy. She serves as a consultant for Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks and has also developed her own line of Extreme Math Games. In her free time, Nancy enjoys golf and gardening.

Nancy’s Classes

Toby-SkoneckeToby Skonecke is a veteran teacher of thirty –seven years. She served as a math specialist for seven years assisting fellow teachers with math instruction and implementing a new math series.  She taught grades first through sixth for twenty-one years. While teaching she attended one of Kim Sutton’s workshops and could not wait to get back to her classroom to implement all of the high energy and engaging activities that were presented. A passion for mathematics was awakened and has continued over the years.  Toby has presented math workshops and served on math committees at both the local and regional levels. She has mentored teachers in an alternative education program and encouraged them to use the Kim Sutton philosophy to engage students.

Toby’s Classes

Linda WallaceLinda Wallace is a veteran of thirty-six years in classrooms ranging from kindergarten to high school. She just completed her eighth year as a math instructional coach working in both elementary and middle schools. Having met Kim at a workshop some seven years ago, she immediately hooked-up with her philosophy of engaging students in routines that embed conceptual understanding as well as fluency. Linda has trained teachers in her district, region and state in elementary and middle school math practices. She also works within her district to model teach in classrooms and uses many routines and ideas from Kim’s training to show teachers how they can engage students in meaningful tasks developing strong reasoning skills. With an in-depth understanding of CCSSM, Linda uses Kim’s materials to help students master concepts at this new level of rigor demanded by CC. Looking for answers to the challenges of Common Core? Linda will help you and your teachers make that transition in a way that allows math to come alive in your classrooms.

Linda’s Classes

Julie WoffordJulie Wofford is a master teacher and Instructional Coach that motivates teachers and students. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of education and has taught in some of the most challenging situations. Julie has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction and has presented many workshops on classroom management and ways to make math exciting for both teachers and students. She is currently a Math Coach and is thrilled to be working with Kim Sutton Associates. Julie is excited to present to teachers the math materials created by Kim Sutton. These materials are specifically designed to move classrooms from “good at math” to “AWESOME at meaningful math concepts.” Her interactive, hands-on and creative activities will leave teachers with ideas, strategies and tools that can be used to immediately impact math instruction and performance.

Julie’s Classes