Creative Mathematics workshops and materials align with all State, Common Core and Provincial Standards.




We are very excited about our powerful grade-specific fact fluency program that will truly change the way you teach and how your students practice basic facts. Basic facts are the building blocks for all areas of mathematical content. The process of mathematical thinking is hampered when students do not have immediate access to a math fact. Kim Sutton’s 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency is a program designed to assist you in planning for a daily five to nine minutes of basic math fact practice. The 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency is a tool that breaks computational strategies down by grade level and gives classroom teachers a suggested plan for implementing the practice element necessary for fluency. The practice of each strategy must be intensive and motivational. Kim Sutton’s 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency accomplishes this.

The program is broken into four books: Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th/5th/6th grade. Each book comes with two music CDs; a grade specific collection of math songs by Ron Brown and a Random Number CD. The whole book is built to be incredibly teacher-friendly so everything you need is at your fingertips. The program includes materials from Kim Sutton’s books: Dynamic Dice, Math Drills to Thrill, Do The Math and Number Line Workbook. Included in the program are pre/post assessments for each strategy taught. Kindergarten is assessment-free. The program is designed with a plan for 10 days of practice on each computational strategy. Each practice block is designed to start with a song from Ron Brown of Intelli-Tunes. The music will motivate each practice block. The songs have been selected because they match the computational strategy that is being practiced. The repetition of the song is for fluency. Following each song is a drill, game or activity to practice the computational strategy. This is a great supplement to any math program and is a wonderful intervention tool.