Creative Mathematics workshops and materials align with all State, Common Core and Provincial Standards.

Creative Mathematics is a leading educational consulting company that provides teacher training workshops all over the United States and Canada.

Creative Mathematics presents one-day and multiple-day workshops along with new audio and video classes, which offer college credit and are backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our expert presenters offer exciting classes in mathematics and science. The thousands of teachers who attend our workshops each year comment on both the high quality and practicality of the material. And it’s material that can be implemented immediately. All seminars offered by Creative Mathematics are prepared using standards-based content. Each of the presenters offer independent staff development training for school districts, which are individually tailored for your specific needs.

Creative Mathematics also offers books, music, supplies and manipulatives that our presenters use in many of their workshops. Many of these materials are exclusive to Creative Mathematics and are both entertaining and powerful tools that can help improve your teaching now!

Kims Number Line example

Kim Sutton’s Number Line
The most important tool for elementary mathematics! Click to order!